Assassin’s Creed, The Movie…..Review time.


Today was not only the start of a new year but also a chance to catch the first movie of the year. As a massive Assassin’s Creed game fan, I was overjoyed to hear they had finally made a film.

As I sat down with my oversized bucket of popcorn and ocean of coke, I began to feel the tingle of both joy and fear. The excitement I was finally going to see the film, but also fear the makers had messed it up. The history of games making it to the silver screen has been a mixed bag. Some good and others were absolutely horrid.

Now at this point, the critic would go through the film and flood the pages with spoilers. But not this one, Oh no. What I will say is this is based on the game, it isn’t the game’s story.

This is a three-hour ride so make sure you go before you fill up.   It was enjoyable, the effects were brilliant, the acting was….well it’s Micheal Fassbender, enough said. You can see this has been thought of, not just thrown together and a label slapped on to it.  The ladies will like it because dear old Micheal F, keeps taking his shirt off.

It is a great film, and so I will give it 4 out of 5 (and not just because a good mate of mine is in it. lol). So, go and give it a go.

Written on the cell phone. …Rogue one review.

Hi all. So läßt night I got to watch the latest star wars movie. This is the story before A new hope or star wars no.4.

It has a great story, brilliant actors and fantastic effects. We get to see old characters such as Vader and Tarkin. This is cleverly done by CGI to bring people back to tell the tale.

But it is a long film that jumps from here to there. It can be confusing to start with but catches up later. It is enjoyable and entertaining, and for myself a lot better than no.7. This has more story to get lost in than just making a film for the sake of it. I believe this is more for the fans of the original films as it explains about the stealing of the death star plans.

I give this 4 out of 5. A great film that will be part of my blu-ray collection.

Is it worth a review?

happy reader

So you’ve just read a book and thought it was fantastic or utter rubbish?  You tell your friends and family about it. You talk about it on social media to people, nicely done.

But is that enough? As a writer, my biggest feedback is from reviews. If you wanted to see a movie that was coming out, you would look at the reviews. Great or bad, reviews are important. Not only does it tell others about the book, but it is valuable information for the author. Yes sure it is an ego boost or an excuse to drink for the author, but never the less important.

Does this review have to be long?

No, not at all. However, if you’re going to say it’s rubbish, make sure you say why.

Why should I give a review?

Nobody HAS to. But consider this. The author puts in six months to a year writing the book. Smashing out hundreds of pages and thousand of words for your enjoyment. They put in hundreds of their money to get it right, and after this all they ask is you write a small piece about it….OK, what little money that comes in is nice too.

Think of it like this. You have made something. A picture, a plastic model, anything you are proud of. How would you feel if you showed everyone and they said nothing?

So, read a book? Loved it, hated it…..nice. Tell someone about it. Write a review.

Dr.Strange…good, bad or awesome?


Hi, all. Well, last night my good lady and I went to watch the new Dr Strange movie. I went with a mix of uncertain hope and dread. You see for me Marvel has been getting too dark and serious. Iron man was a scream, so were most of the own movies spanning from the Marvel universe.

So, I sit me down, put on my 3d specs and waited.

The film was better than I could have hoped, full of action, laughs, and special effects to blow your mind. A great story, brilliantly acted and the effects crew should get an award or at least a cookie.

The thing I enjoyed about it (despite it been really not possible) was how it was made somewhat believable. What I mean about this is, it wasn’t “Oh I’ve got special powers and I know straight away how to use them.” No. You see the training process. How he gets to be how he is.

Spoiler alerts… have to watch ALL the movie. past the end credits. In true Marvel style they have TWO teasers.

OK, so that was a brief review. Go see it. for me four out of five thumbs.

New York, New York….


Hi all. Recently I went to New York for my holidays. Why? because it is a fantastic place. The reason for such a big Whoop whoop is the things we saw and did to make it so brilliant.

So, think of this as more a travel guide than a nose rub.

First off the bat may I thank British Airways for a brilliant flight. We splashed out a bit more cash and flew Premium Economy. This gives a bit more luxury than normal cattle cart version. Is it worth it? I would say yes, for a long flight defiantly.

Next was the VIP SUV pick up from We were met at the gate by a nice man who then placed us into a huge SUV. This brought us to the hotel in comfort. However, don’t think there will be champagne or anything inside. It’s just the ride. Worth it? After a nine and half hour flight, I would say so.

OK. The hotel. The Manhattan Hotel in Times Square. A nice hotel with great staff. Nice, friendly and helpful. The hotel room looked a bit dated, but it was clean and comfortable. It came with a coffee machine, a drinks machine down the hall and a water dispenser for your free water. No complimentary bottles as you know it. Nope, you get these very snazzy water pouches (for a better word).

On Monday we took a bus trip to Niagra Falls.  This was a Viator trip that was pre-booked. A two-day trip with an overnight stay in Canada.


This was a brilliantly organised trip with more than the falls to see on the way. A big thank you to Victoria and tour company.

New York. Home to millions and tourist attraction extraordinaire. This ever-changing metropolis that has been the attacked by big lizards, aliens in flying saucers and superheroes against supervillains.  This in itself is a big studio. TV series and blockbuster movies are filmed there. You may be out for a walk and bump into stars getting coffee and a danish.

The place is fantastic. With plenty to see and do. So get on a plane and get yourself to a fantastic city and a new adventure.


Jason Bourne…movie review.

jason bourne

Last night I went to see the new Bourne movie. Obviously, I was keeping an open mind due to several factors, one of which was the last film which let’s be honest sucked. The other reason was, how do you follow what they had already done?

Okay, so here’s a quick look at what it’s about without giving anything away.

Jason Bourne is in hiding, choosing to do illegal fist fighting to make money (and probably keeping his hand in combat, just in case). Everything thing seems okay until Nicky Parsons-his old handler hacks the CIA.

The company is hunting him, or is he the hunter? The story as ever is simple a simple one. Easy to follow and not one you say “Hey, they did this last time.”

This is an entirely different story to the last. The action isn’t as much as the  others, but when it does happen…wow. Bourne is differently back. The film is brilliantly shot, and the stunts keep you on the edge of your seat.

For me, this is a great film and compliments the series.

The story goes on…


With the launch of book 4 of the John Steel series, the question is where does our hero go from here?

Book five will see a change in dynamic for our hero. This will be the start of his lone wolf series as he travels alone. That said the SAMANTHA McCALL character will eventually have her own series.

So look out for these new books next year.


Batman Vs Superman….What did we think?


Greetings to all….

So last night I settled myself down to watch my copy of this long awaited film. Now some people loved it, and some hated it, and others just didn’t bother watching because of bad press.

For all of you who haven’t a clue what it’s about, let’s start here.

We begin with an introduction to Bruce Wayne (Mr.Ben Affleck) and a flashback of his mom and dad getting shot. This was short and sharp and did not dwell on it like most of the Batman movies.

Then the introduction to Superman. That famous battle at the end of the last Superman film. This is all a great idea for a link to the two films I thought. However, because of the change of Batman (from Mr. Bale to Mr. Affleck), there is no tie there.

The film is more the after effect of what had happened after this great battle between Superman and General Zork. The chaos that the city had fallen into after the battle. Making people think was Superman good for the planet or not?

The story is well thought of and a brilliant way of bringing in Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) as the psychotic bad guy.

So without spoiler alerts and enough reason for people to write in and say “Oh gee thanks, no point seeing that now,) we cut to the chase.

Batman v Superman is well thought of and does introduce characters from the comics, “Great they all say,” however. It is drawn out; you feel they are putting too much unnecessary information. As an introduction to the Justice League of America it was good, but as a film, it lost something.It had the chance to be a great movie, but the ball was dropped. There was no comic relief what so ever, which was a shame. There was a lot of scenes that made no actual sense and could have been dropped from the movie (a lot of the Bruce Wayne dreams).

The acting was great ( and yes, sorry to say, Affleck, as Batman does work, not sure about the fat suit, though.) The effects were brilliant. But unfortunately, I was left saying “What the hell was that?” This film really did miss something. That said, go see it. Make your own mind up. My only hope is that the follow-up film would be better.


Book 4 is here…Hidden in Blood Stained Shadows.


It has been a while in the making but it is here. The fourth installment in the John Steel Mystery Thriller series.

So what’s it about?…..For anyone who has not read any of my John Steel series that is the first thing you will ask.

John Steel is a British detective who is working in New York with the NYPD. He was brought in on a case in book one (Rise of a Phoenix) to hunt a brutal murderer. Steel works with a hard-nosed, but sexy detective Samantha McCall. A cop who is quick on her feet and takes no shit from anyone.  Steel is a tall handsome man with enough secrets in his past to make most people drink. The John Steel series are fast paced with lots of twists and characters to route for. Each book is a stand-a-lone, meaning they are individual stories (there are no “Must read the next book to find out what happens”). So you can pick up book four without reading the others and not feel cheated.

So what is special about book four?

This is one that hits home for the team when the girlfriend of a cop is found murdered (spoiler alert?) not really, it just sets the scene and shows the emotion they have to go through. This is a real twist master, with enough surprises, but nothing that will leave you cursing the author. It true John Steel style there is action, babes, explosions, really nasty bad guys and a story that will leave you wanting more.

The series can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, for both paperback and kindle versions.


so grab a copy today and buckle up…its gonna be a hell of a ride.