A writers confussion..

As a mystery writer it is my job to try and understand the minds of the criminal. Try and learn what makes people do acts of violence to one another. In books it is usual a simple motive of; Love, money, revenge, power or to cover another crime.

But unfortunatly, when i see on the television such acts as what has befallen Europe of late, I am truly without understanding. what drives a person to crash through a crowd of innocent people?

This is not for religion, because no religion condones such acts, its not for love, or revenge, it is unfortunally just evil.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families to those killed and quick recovery to those injured.




Written on my cell phone. . . . . . Wonder woman review.

Last night I finally got to see the wonder woman movie, and what all the fuss was about.

Now, if anyone grew up with the eighties tv show, forget that. No invisible planes here.

The story is a tale of her growing up and training.  The time is set during WW1. All seems well on the Amazon’s hidden island until a British pilot in a German plane crashes the party.

This is a story of Princess Diana  (or wonder woman ) on a mission to kill Aries to stop the world war.

Gal Gadot plays the Amazonian princess worrier. She plays the part beautifully.  Full of emotions to can relate too. All the actors are brilliant.  Chris Pine also plays his part as the agent wonderfully.

The film was possibly the best yet, especially for those who are not fans of the superhero movies. I really enjoyed the movie and it will be on my dvd shelf when it comes out.

Oh spoiler alert….if anyone waits until the end of the credits for a teaser. ..there isn’t one so when the credits start you can leave.

I give the film 5 out of 5.

Go and see for yourself.

Oh look..a Hotel Review.


At the start of the year I decided I needed to go on a trip to Malta for book research for my fifth book. But which hotel to go too? So I decided the best one would be the Hotel that would appear in the novel (for research purposes only of course). The Grand Hotel Excelsior was one that was recommended to me. So it was decided. Tickets booked and months later off we popped. Malta in march? Had the possibilities of  cold weather, but no. Warm and sunny as a summer day. But what of the Hotel I hear you cry?

The hotel has five stars, and in my very they are more than earned. On first impressions the place looks as grand as the name. Marble floors and double staircases. Wood and brass fittings along with elaborate carved statues. The whole place gives you the feel you are in an Agatha Christie novel, and Poirot is about to step out of the elevator. It is stylish and posh without been pompous.

The rooms are excellent, with free water bottles and tea/coffee facilities. There isn’t an iron but anything you require just ask the front desk. We got a superior room with balcony and sea view, and what a view. The beds are comfortable and bathroom is large with enough items to make the modest of us say wow. The TV channels are limited but you’re not there to watch telly. However there are enough channels to keep anyone happy.

We booked half-bored, (the old breakfast and dinner in the package), this is of course was a good decision as the food is excellent. There is of course WiFi and a fantastic bar. A private vehicle can be booked at a reasonable price for day trips and excursions.

The staff is friendly and very helpful. The gym isn’t quite Golds Gym however there is enough equipment to get a good work out. There is an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool for all you swimmers. The town is only a few minutes walk so no need for bus routes or taxis (be warned there are some steps to the main road).

So far the stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior has been an absolute pleasure and would fully recommend it to anyone.

All in all, five out of five.










Written on the cell phone. …Sick beyond words.

Hi all. Woke up this morning and switched on the news. Nothing suprising at first, until they got to the story from Sweden. Around 25 men had been arrested for rape. This men raped a young woman in a flat and someone live streemed it on FB. One one side I’m glad about the person’s stupidity for filming it, however the whole thought that it may not of happened if they had not filmed it. Happy slapping has morphed inot something sicker. How many bullies have filmed their beatings, how many sicko’s have filmed other acts. Should social media be regulated like gun laws? If your found with a record of abusing social media you get banned? Social media is a great way for authors,  artists and many more to reach so many over the globe. It does have it’s uses. However it can be abused for the same reason to get the wrong message across. I hope the future holds a way to let people enjoy this technology and the sicko’s regulated.

Assassin’s Creed, The Movie…..Review time.


Today was not only the start of a new year but also a chance to catch the first movie of the year. As a massive Assassin’s Creed game fan, I was overjoyed to hear they had finally made a film.

As I sat down with my oversized bucket of popcorn and ocean of coke, I began to feel the tingle of both joy and fear. The excitement I was finally going to see the film, but also fear the makers had messed it up. The history of games making it to the silver screen has been a mixed bag. Some good and others were absolutely horrid.

Now at this point, the critic would go through the film and flood the pages with spoilers. But not this one, Oh no. What I will say is this is based on the game, it isn’t the game’s story.

This is a three-hour ride so make sure you go before you fill up.   It was enjoyable, the effects were brilliant, the acting was….well it’s Micheal Fassbender, enough said. You can see this has been thought of, not just thrown together and a label slapped on to it.  The ladies will like it because dear old Micheal F, keeps taking his shirt off.

It is a great film, and so I will give it 4 out of 5 (and not just because a good mate of mine is in it. lol). So, go and give it a go.

Written on the cell phone. …Rogue one review.

Hi all. So läßt night I got to watch the latest star wars movie. This is the story before A new hope or star wars no.4.

It has a great story, brilliant actors and fantastic effects. We get to see old characters such as Vader and Tarkin. This is cleverly done by CGI to bring people back to tell the tale.

But it is a long film that jumps from here to there. It can be confusing to start with but catches up later. It is enjoyable and entertaining, and for myself a lot better than no.7. This has more story to get lost in than just making a film for the sake of it. I believe this is more for the fans of the original films as it explains about the stealing of the death star plans.

I give this 4 out of 5. A great film that will be part of my blu-ray collection.

Is it worth a review?

happy reader

So you’ve just read a book and thought it was fantastic or utter rubbish?  You tell your friends and family about it. You talk about it on social media to people, nicely done.

But is that enough? As a writer, my biggest feedback is from reviews. If you wanted to see a movie that was coming out, you would look at the reviews. Great or bad, reviews are important. Not only does it tell others about the book, but it is valuable information for the author. Yes sure it is an ego boost or an excuse to drink for the author, but never the less important.

Does this review have to be long?

No, not at all. However, if you’re going to say it’s rubbish, make sure you say why.

Why should I give a review?

Nobody HAS to. But consider this. The author puts in six months to a year writing the book. Smashing out hundreds of pages and thousand of words for your enjoyment. They put in hundreds of their money to get it right, and after this all they ask is you write a small piece about it….OK, what little money that comes in is nice too.

Think of it like this. You have made something. A picture, a plastic model, anything you are proud of. How would you feel if you showed everyone and they said nothing?

So, read a book? Loved it, hated it…..nice. Tell someone about it. Write a review.