What books to read…

As an author, we have to read as much as we write. This helps us learn from others and also expand our imaginations. Of course, there are some brilliant books out there, so which ones should you chose.


Body Heat by the fantastic Candy Denman. This is the second book in the Dr Jocasta (Jo) Hughes series and just as brilliant as the first (Dead Pretty).  This starts us off with a body found in a burnt out car. Jo is the local doc and Forensic Medical Practitioner who is brought in on the case.

This is a brilliantly constructed novel with fantastic scene setting and characters. Dr Jo Hughes is a lovely character that you just start rooting for from the first page. She is dynamic and resourcefull, a person who has a big heart but also does what it takes to do what is right.

The story draws you in and holds you there from chapter to chapter. The locations are described in a way that you feel you are there. The characters are brought to life with astonishing detail, making to love or hate them from page to page.

All in all, this was a pleasure to read, with an excellent story line and fabulous characters. A must for all crime novel enthusiasts.


Fancy a trip to the Lake District? Well, here you go. Dancing on the Grave takes you to the countryside and draws you into this brilliantly told crime novel.

This tells the tale of a newly qualified CSI Grace McColl who is brought in on a case that would test her metal for sure. With her is DC Nick Weston; who has just transferred from London.

OK, no spoilers here I’m afraid.

Zoe Sharp’s storytelling is as usual off the chart. The settings are beautifully described to the point you can smell the grass, fields and the rotting corpses.

The story pulls you in and doesn’t want to let you go, so get plenty of sleep before you start.

The characters themselves are involving, and each has their little bit of mysterious background story to keep you wanting to know more.

In summary, a brilliant novel which is a definite must for your bookshelf.

All these books are available at Amazon so what are you waiting for?