The Writer’s Page.

Hi all.

As this is a new year, I thought I would try something new for this page, a writer’s page. Somewhere I talk about writing, my books and where you can ask me questions.

So to kick it all off, I thought I would start with, ” How to start writing.”

In this brief page, I will go through what I have experienced as a writer and pass on some Do’s and Dont’s.

First of all, you need to establish what you want to write, your genre if you will. Be it Horror, Crime, whatever. This is important as you don’t want to write half a manuscript and find you prefer something else. Find what you are passionate about.

Having an idea. Always a good start I feel. However, this can also be the hardest part. An idea can also lead to other branches of your writing. You may be on one project, and an idea for another comes up. This is great, but jot the idea down and tuck it away. Don’t get sidetracked into two projects until you are ready to do so. A manuscript takes time and mental energy as well as full concentration. So stick with your current novel and get lost in the pages.

Next, leading off this one. Distractions. Television, games consoles, anything that can draw you away from what you are doing. It is natural for your brain to seek different stimuli. But don’t give into the dark side, be strong.

Have a plan..or not. Now some writers have it all planned out; start, finish, who is it, even who did it. Whereas others (myself included) prefer to fly by the seat of their pants. This route you must find for yourself. Writing is about self-exploration as well as plotting a journey for the reader. We create ourselves in our work, what works and what doesn’t. It is a never-ending voyage of discovery of our art.

Don’t be afraid to fail. What? I hear you cry. You will find as you are writing something feels off about something, or you suddenly write something on page 260 that does not fit with something you wrote on page 10. So what? You must decide what is best and..edit the one that doesn’t fit. It is a process. So your book is done, and you send it out to agents with a query letter. None of them takes you on. Have you failed? Not at all. Agents get around a thousand new queries a week, possibly a day. They scan your letter, and it has to grip them immediately or you’re done. But don’t give up. Take it on the chin and keep going.

Get yourself on social media. How does this help me write? Simple. To sell books, you have to sell yourself, make a name that people will know. Who would you buy a book from Lee Child or Sam Whojamiface? Sure Sam may be a great writer, but people go with what they know. Also, social media gives to contact with other authors who can help you if you are stuck, or you need help find an editor or cover artist.

So there you go. Just some small titbits of advice on how to start. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback, comments or if you have any questions at all. So drop me a line, you know where to find me. Right here on The Writer’s Page.


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