Whilst watching the news……

This morning while watching the news there was a piece on Sexual harassment. Now, this is something that has been going on for years and is utterly wrong. What these poor women that have to endure the inappropriate advances by work colleagues or worse still bosses, is unfathomable.

Yes, more should be done to help these women. It is a form of abuse which should not be shrugged off.It should have a voice, they should have a voice.

However, as they interviewed women in the street to get their opinion, it became apparent most women don’t understand what unwanted advances mean. And unfortunately, this in itself can lead to a massive cry wolf situation and get many innocent people marked. But worse still get the attention drawn away from people who really are abused and need help.

PEOPLE…did he just says, people? Yes, because, believe it or not, men can be sexually harassed as well. Unfortunately, these cases are not brought up because, well let’s face it if a man tells another man he is sexually harassed at work, what reaction would he get?  Men can be put into an awkward position because of threats of lies to their spouses, or even the police get the abuser control. We don’t believe it can happen because men are meant to be the stronger sex. However, that is what makes that the perfect scenario for the abuser, who would believe a female could harass a man, surely it’s the other way around?

Sexual harassment or let’s face it abuse (because that is what it is), is swept under the rug because people are afraid of losing their jobs, not being believed because the abuser is someone that just doesn’t fit the bill. But most of all fear of what people will think of them.

Also, you have the people who feel just been looked at by someone they don’t like falls into that category. There are those who will use this as a form of revenge or just plain spite. These are the people who will ruin it for those who need help.

Sexual harassment of any kind is wrong, but don’t get your wires crossed. You have people who like to touch people, you know the sort, the hand touches when they laugh, or the huggers. If you feel this too much have the strength to tell them ( but nicely), they will understand most are just nice bubbly people. Be sure you know what is and isn’t inappropriate before coming forwards. If you’re not sure to talk to someone you can trust.

But if you are abused, don’t sit in silence, don’t let them destroy your lives. Speak out, get help. Be strong.



2 thoughts on “Whilst watching the news……

  1. Reblogged this. It needs to get out. Thanks so much. You are 100 percent right, and you are getting that from someone who was repeatedly raped as a child and forced into two backwoods abortions (literally, in pine straw in the Georgia woods) by age 15, both of which nearly killed her. People who really suffer need support they will never get if the clueless cry “wolf.”

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