Assassin’s Creed, The Movie…..Review time.


Today was not only the start of a new year but also a chance to catch the first movie of the year. As a massive Assassin’s Creed game fan, I was overjoyed to hear they had finally made a film.

As I sat down with my oversized bucket of popcorn and ocean of coke, I began to feel the tingle of both joy and fear. The excitement I was finally going to see the film, but also fear the makers had messed it up. The history of games making it to the silver screen has been a mixed bag. Some good and others were absolutely horrid.

Now at this point, the critic would go through the film and flood the pages with spoilers. But not this one, Oh no. What I will say is this is based on the game, it isn’t the game’s story.

This is a three-hour ride so make sure you go before you fill up.   It was enjoyable, the effects were brilliant, the acting was….well it’s Micheal Fassbender, enough said. You can see this has been thought of, not just thrown together and a label slapped on to it.  The ladies will like it because dear old Micheal F, keeps taking his shirt off.

It is a great film, and so I will give it 4 out of 5 (and not just because a good mate of mine is in it. lol). So, go and give it a go.

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