Written on the cell phone. …Rogue one review.

Hi all. So läßt night I got to watch the latest star wars movie. This is the story before A new hope or star wars no.4.

It has a great story, brilliant actors and fantastic effects. We get to see old characters such as Vader and Tarkin. This is cleverly done by CGI to bring people back to tell the tale.

But it is a long film that jumps from here to there. It can be confusing to start with but catches up later. It is enjoyable and entertaining, and for myself a lot better than no.7. This has more story to get lost in than just making a film for the sake of it. I believe this is more for the fans of the original films as it explains about the stealing of the death star plans.

I give this 4 out of 5. A great film that will be part of my blu-ray collection.

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