Is it worth a review?

happy reader

So you’ve just read a book and thought it was fantastic or utter rubbish?  You tell your friends and family about it. You talk about it on social media to people, nicely done.

But is that enough? As a writer, my biggest feedback is from reviews. If you wanted to see a movie that was coming out, you would look at the reviews. Great or bad, reviews are important. Not only does it tell others about the book, but it is valuable information for the author. Yes sure it is an ego boost or an excuse to drink for the author, but never the less important.

Does this review have to be long?

No, not at all. However, if you’re going to say it’s rubbish, make sure you say why.

Why should I give a review?

Nobody HAS to. But consider this. The author puts in six months to a year writing the book. Smashing out hundreds of pages and thousand of words for your enjoyment. They put in hundreds of their money to get it right, and after this all they ask is you write a small piece about it….OK, what little money that comes in is nice too.

Think of it like this. You have made something. A picture, a plastic model, anything you are proud of. How would you feel if you showed everyone and they said nothing?

So, read a book? Loved it, hated it…..nice. Tell someone about it. Write a review.