Dr.Strange…good, bad or awesome?


Hi, all. Well, last night my good lady and I went to watch the new Dr Strange movie. I went with a mix of uncertain hope and dread. You see for me Marvel has been getting too dark and serious. Iron man was a scream, so were most of the own movies spanning from the Marvel universe.

So, I sit me down, put on my 3d specs and waited.

The film was better than I could have hoped, full of action, laughs, and special effects to blow your mind. A great story, brilliantly acted and the effects crew should get an award or at least a cookie.

The thing I enjoyed about it (despite it been really not possible) was how it was made somewhat believable. What I mean about this is, it wasn’t “Oh I’ve got special powers and I know straight away how to use them.” No. You see the training process. How he gets to be how he is.

Spoiler alerts…..you have to watch ALL the movie. past the end credits. In true Marvel style they have TWO teasers.

OK, so that was a brief review. Go see it. for me four out of five thumbs.

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