New York, New York….


Hi all. Recently I went to New York for my holidays. Why? because it is a fantastic place. The reason for such a big Whoop whoop is the things we saw and did to make it so brilliant.

So, think of this as more a travel guide than a nose rub.

First off the bat may I thank British Airways for a brilliant flight. We splashed out a bit more cash and flew Premium Economy. This gives a bit more luxury than normal cattle cart version. Is it worth it? I would say yes, for a long flight defiantly.

Next was the VIP SUV pick up from We were met at the gate by a nice man who then placed us into a huge SUV. This brought us to the hotel in comfort. However, don’t think there will be champagne or anything inside. It’s just the ride. Worth it? After a nine and half hour flight, I would say so.

OK. The hotel. The Manhattan Hotel in Times Square. A nice hotel with great staff. Nice, friendly and helpful. The hotel room looked a bit dated, but it was clean and comfortable. It came with a coffee machine, a drinks machine down the hall and a water dispenser for your free water. No complimentary bottles as you know it. Nope, you get these very snazzy water pouches (for a better word).

On Monday we took a bus trip to Niagra Falls.  This was a Viator trip that was pre-booked. A two-day trip with an overnight stay in Canada.


This was a brilliantly organised trip with more than the falls to see on the way. A big thank you to Victoria and tour company.

New York. Home to millions and tourist attraction extraordinaire. This ever-changing metropolis that has been the attacked by big lizards, aliens in flying saucers and superheroes against supervillains.  This in itself is a big studio. TV series and blockbuster movies are filmed there. You may be out for a walk and bump into stars getting coffee and a danish.

The place is fantastic. With plenty to see and do. So get on a plane and get yourself to a fantastic city and a new adventure.


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