Batman Vs Superman….What did we think?


Greetings to all….

So last night I settled myself down to watch my copy of this long awaited film. Now some people loved it, and some hated it, and others just didn’t bother watching because of bad press.

For all of you who haven’t a clue what it’s about, let’s start here.

We begin with an introduction to Bruce Wayne (Mr.Ben Affleck) and a flashback of his mom and dad getting shot. This was short and sharp and did not dwell on it like most of the Batman movies.

Then the introduction to Superman. That famous battle at the end of the last Superman film. This is all a great idea for a link to the two films I thought. However, because of the change of Batman (from Mr. Bale to Mr. Affleck), there is no tie there.

The film is more the after effect of what had happened after this great battle between Superman and General Zork. The chaos that the city had fallen into after the battle. Making people think was Superman good for the planet or not?

The story is well thought of and a brilliant way of bringing in Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) as the psychotic bad guy.

So without spoiler alerts and enough reason for people to write in and say “Oh gee thanks, no point seeing that now,) we cut to the chase.

Batman v Superman is well thought of and does introduce characters from the comics, “Great they all say,” however. It is drawn out; you feel they are putting too much unnecessary information. As an introduction to the Justice League of America it was good, but as a film, it lost something.It had the chance to be a great movie, but the ball was dropped. There was no comic relief what so ever, which was a shame. There was a lot of scenes that made no actual sense and could have been dropped from the movie (a lot of the Bruce Wayne dreams).

The acting was great ( and yes, sorry to say, Affleck, as Batman does work, not sure about the fat suit, though.) The effects were brilliant. But unfortunately, I was left saying “What the hell was that?” This film really did miss something. That said, go see it. Make your own mind up. My only hope is that the follow-up film would be better.


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