Book 4 is here…Hidden in Blood Stained Shadows.


It has been a while in the making but it is here. The fourth installment in the John Steel Mystery Thriller series.

So what’s it about?…..For anyone who has not read any of my John Steel series that is the first thing you will ask.

John Steel is a British detective who is working in New York with the NYPD. He was brought in on a case in book one (Rise of a Phoenix) to hunt a brutal murderer. Steel works with a hard-nosed, but sexy detective Samantha McCall. A cop who is quick on her feet and takes no shit from anyone.  Steel is a tall handsome man with enough secrets in his past to make most people drink. The John Steel series are fast paced with lots of twists and characters to route for. Each book is a stand-a-lone, meaning they are individual stories (there are no “Must read the next book to find out what happens”). So you can pick up book four without reading the others and not feel cheated.

So what is special about book four?

This is one that hits home for the team when the girlfriend of a cop is found murdered (spoiler alert?) not really, it just sets the scene and shows the emotion they have to go through. This is a real twist master, with enough surprises, but nothing that will leave you cursing the author. It true John Steel style there is action, babes, explosions, really nasty bad guys and a story that will leave you wanting more.

The series can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, for both paperback and kindle versions.


so grab a copy today and buckle up…its gonna be a hell of a ride.



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