New writer quick tips…

writer fr.

Greetings all……

So you want to be a writer but don’t know how. Terrific. That’s stage one out of the way, you know you want to be one.

That said how much do you want it? Strange question I know but you have to ask yourself why? Is it something on your bucket list, something you’ve thought about since you could read, maybe just one day you thought “I can do that”? Or was it something you feel you were meant to do?

What ever the reason you have got to be fully committed to what you do next. This could be a one off or a series you have planned. Either way if you really want it you’ve got to work for it.

OK then. You’ve said this is what I want. Good for you. Now you say to yourself, “Where the hell do I start?” a good point as always.

A book has three parts: A start, a middle and an end. With me so far, excellent. What goes into these is all governed by your imagination. Regardless of whether its¬† fact or fiction you have still got to have imagination to make a book work, how much then governs what sort of book you’re writing. If you’ve got a brain like Patterson, Child or Connelly fiction. King, Oh my God get the new underwear ready.

So lesson two, what do you want to write. If you’ve got a massive imagination don’t waist it on fact, do that later.

Okay docky, so you’ve decided to write fiction, probably a mystery novel. Cool. This is where your notebook comes in. Do your first draft in a notebook, as you go things will open up. Any new characters you invent use the back to highlight names etc.

I have found with my books i start with a small idea and just let it expand. I never know how it will end and I find if the author is surprised by the ending , so will the reader. You can plan and have a character list already made up and a plot. That’s fantastic, but I can guarantee something will shift the more you get into it. Let your imaginations take control. The more you just let yourself go into it, the reader will also.

The book is done, you’ve just typed¬† it it up from your first draft. months have been spent on your master piece.your last word typed. Now comes the hard part. The editing. This is where you go through your work and rip it to pieces. “This didn’t work” or ” Oh, that would be better.” You want your work to be prefect. Do the work for the right results. You will hate what you have written because , for you it will never be perfect. That is when you have to make a stand and say, “OK, its good enough.” If in doubt get someone else to read it, get their opinion. You are your worst critic.

There are many books and web pages and all sorts out there for you to get advice. Which is always good, but unfortunately while you are reading you are not writing. Writing is a skill that has to be made better by doing. Sure the chances of your first book being a best seller may be nil, you maybe rejected by every agent known to man. But the most important lesson in writing is don’t give up. If you want it, you’ll work for it.

And so back to the reasons you want to be a writer. If its the pay check, become a lawyer, writers (especially self-published) earn next to nothing, or in my case even less. lol. If you do it because it’s something that makes you feel good and you know people enjoy, you’re on the right track.