Deadpool….Good or not?


Greetings to all……

So, last night i went to see Deadpool. This movie has had so much hype around it i just wanted to see for myself. Sitting there in the theater with a bucket of popcorn and a gallon of coke i waited.

The movie starts weird and funny and just carries on. Its bloody, hilarious and full of fun.

The movie is meant to be about love, revenge and wade Wilson re-finding himself. There’s no draggy “How things started” stuff. Even though there are flash backs to how he became who he is, it aint draggy.

The acting is fantastic, the camera work is outstanding. Directing is brilliant.

This film is a must for everyone (who is of age of course .lol) After so many disappointing films i find this refreshing and restores my faith in the cinema.

To the out of five then……well after everything i must give this at least 12. it is a fantastic piece of work that will defiantly be home in my Blu-ray collection when it comes out.

Go, enjoy…enough said.

written on my cell phone…Book Reviews.

Greetings to all. So it’s been quiet busy here finishing book 4 and making plans for book 5 and the Sam McCall series. Oh happy days. However whilst on Twitter and Facebook I noticed something. The call for reviews. Now s a writer I know the joy of getting a review on Amazon. Yippee . But people don’t do it. I don’t know why, you would think if an author can spend 6 months or more to write, Joe blogs could spend 30 seconds to show their likes or dislikes. We need your opinion people it shows what we do is appreciated. So next time you read a book, love it or hate it, give a little review. Thanks to all readers, for your fantastic support for all the writers.