Writen on my cell phone. Hateful Eight….Any Good?

Greetings to all. So time for a quick film review. The Hateful Eight, the latest film from Quintin Tarantino. A western with a touch of Reservoir Dogs to it.

The film sees a massive line up of big names all ready to blow each other away, all for different reasons. Race, which side you fought in during the war or money. All trapped in a stage post during a snow storm.

The film its self is long (there was an interval in the middle). This is a slow starter, as we see all the charicters come together. If your’e waiting for blood and guts straight away youll be disappointed. for a Tarintino film the violence is minimal, this more a who dunit than his usual action film.

This may disappoint some people, others will just enjoy it as a Tarantino film. Go with an open mind. Dont expect a roller coaster ride. The acting is spot on as is the camera work. You can see the acters had fun making this which is no suprise.

marks out of 5 is for me a 3 1/2. Like i say its a long film, probably longer than it should be. There are scenes that i felt where there just to be there to give the film length. Its not a bad film, on the contery. Go, enjoy or hate it.