Game Review…Just Cause 3


Greetings to all. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

As you know i have started to do games reviews, because hey, who doesn’t like games? So mixing two of my passions, writing and gaming just seemed the thing to do.

One day whilst watching so drivel on TV an advert came up for a new game-Just Cause 3. Now before I had not been drawn to this franchise. At first i thought it was going to be a GTA of the sky…So wrong.

Whilst out shopping i came across said game and thought “What the hell” and went for it.

At first I was a bit lost because nothing was happening (you start out on a cliff face with no direction what to do). After a while and pressing lots of buttons it started….

This is a high octane  game. Lots of gun battles and explosions in an open world. The graphics are amazing and the game play can be a little annoying. Sometimes the camera angle lets you down or often as none he does his own thing instead of what you tell him too. This said the controls are simple once you get a hand of what does what, (which goes wrong in high tension situations).

There is a story with missions, these are designated by a yellow bulls head). This i discovered on the internet trying to get help with something? Missions who knew?

This is a fantastic game which is right up there with Far Cry. Its open world with plenty of things to do (or blow up rather). But  be warned once you start playing don’t expect to see anyone again. This game draws you in and keeps you there.

Marks out of 5 is 4. This mainly because of the annoying camera angles and sudden loss of character control. But this don’t happen often so give it a go.


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