written on my cell phone….Star Wars.

Greetings to all. Soon it will be time for great celibration. A time for joy. Also Xmas is coming. I talk of course about one of the most awaited films ever. The new Star Wars. Why is it so special? First we have the original cast in it, then people want to know have Disney ruined it but most of all. Is it as bad as 1,2 and 3? I am excited about it personally. One of those MUST SEE films. Franchise wise Star Wars has always been a winner. Everything from movies to LEGO. This time around is no different , in fact it is probably bigger. I suppose now Disney has the raines we can expect all sorts of spin offs. Origins of Han Solo or something. However in all of this there is one thing they must be true too. The fans. Disney have a chance to right a wrong (1,2,3). Anyway I hope everyone isn’t disappointed and the force lives on.

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