Game review….Call of Duty. Black Ops 3.


Greetings to all. So tis is me trying to catch up on some blogs I was meant to do.

Now for a long time I have been a great fan from Call of Duty and Call of Duty. Starting back in the days of PS2. So i was excited at the launch of the new Black Ops 3.

This game is once more set in the future, but i was confused why it was called Black Ops 3 because it has nothing to do with any of the other Black Ops games. That aside it is a good game.

The graphics are brilliant as usual, the game play is good once you figure out all the gadgets and things he can do. That said, It is a short game. Like so many of its predecessors it is more about the online that the actual game.

I think i was done in four days and that was taking my time. The online maps a beautifully done and with more to follow in the new year. But for me the main let down is the offline game. These are short, possibly to short. The old WW2 games seemed to go on forever and they were enjoyable. Activision have to realize there are people out there who prefer the actual game and not the running around online. (Personally I don’t mind it its fun).

It is a good game with great acting by the voice over team. For all those who love a good war game mixed in with some online smashing it is a must.

Stars 3 out of 5. This is only faltered by the shortness of the game. Other than that a good game.

Game Review…Just Cause 3


Greetings to all. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

As you know i have started to do games reviews, because hey, who doesn’t like games? So mixing two of my passions, writing and gaming just seemed the thing to do.

One day whilst watching so drivel on TV an advert came up for a new game-Just Cause 3. Now before I had not been drawn to this franchise. At first i thought it was going to be a GTA of the sky…So wrong.

Whilst out shopping i came across said game and thought “What the hell” and went for it.

At first I was a bit lost because nothing was happening (you start out on a cliff face with no direction what to do). After a while and pressing lots of buttons it started….

This is a high octane  game. Lots of gun battles and explosions in an open world. The graphics are amazing and the game play can be a little annoying. Sometimes the camera angle lets you down or often as none he does his own thing instead of what you tell him too. This said the controls are simple once you get a hand of what does what, (which goes wrong in high tension situations).

There is a story with missions, these are designated by a yellow bulls head). This i discovered on the internet trying to get help with something? Missions who knew?

This is a fantastic game which is right up there with Far Cry. Its open world with plenty of things to do (or blow up rather). But¬† be warned once you start playing don’t expect to see anyone again. This game draws you in and keeps you there.

Marks out of 5 is 4. This mainly because of the annoying camera angles and sudden loss of character control. But this don’t happen often so give it a go.


Star Wars Film Review….


star wars 7.jpg

So once more we go to A galaxy long ago and far away. The new Star Wars has been long awaited since Disney revealed its release. Smashing box office records even before it was even open.

Given most of the planet has seen this movie, this review will not be a shock or spoiler alert. For those who have not seen it I promise not to give too much away.

Directed by Star Trek’s J.J.Abrams,(who unfortunately I am not a fan of because of the new Star Trek). This story is obviously set way after Return of the Jedi. No surprise there. Now I would like to point out I am a big Star Wars fan, so seeing this was on my “Things to do” list. Exited, oh yes. Points to note….. go to the bathroom first because this is a long film.

Special effects are out of this world,(no pun intended). Fantastic photography, artwork and costumes were incredible…….

Now for the part your going to hate me for.

I was confused about the film. I found myself questioning what it was about. In honesty it made me appreciate 1,2 and 3. Now I would never say never see a film because everyone’s opinion is different. But go with an open mind.

Story wise……Like I said no spoiler alerts so you’ll have to find out. It was good to see the old gang again, but I felt as much as it was good to see them again the story could have been different, (You’ll find out). I found it exchanged lots of effects for an excellent story. Like I said I am a huge Star Wars fan, but found this was not Star Wars at all, merely an expensive imitation.

So as I put my body Armour on ready for the flack, all I will say is. Go see it and make your own minds up. Is it entertaining as an action, space movie yes. Lots of explosions and flight battles. But don’t go as a Star Wars fan, go as someone who wants a good Sci Fi movie.

It’s that time again.


Greetings to all. Well it is that time of year again. I would like to thank everyone for their support for the John Steel series, and hope everyone has a fantastic xmas.

Please don’t forget those less fortunate. Orphans and people in shelters of all kinds. A special Merry Christmas to those who can not be at home. Service personnel, emergency services, police.

Happy holidays to all regardless of race, religion, country of origin. Be good to one another and let there be piece on earth and good will to all man kind.

Have a great holiday everyone and a happy new year…

written on my cell phone….Star Wars.

Greetings to all. Soon it will be time for great celibration. A time for joy. Also Xmas is coming. I talk of course about one of the most awaited films ever. The new Star Wars. Why is it so special? First we have the original cast in it, then people want to know have Disney ruined it but most of all. Is it as bad as 1,2 and 3? I am excited about it personally. One of those MUST SEE films. Franchise wise Star Wars has always been a winner. Everything from movies to LEGO. This time around is no different , in fact it is probably bigger. I suppose now Disney has the raines we can expect all sorts of spin offs. Origins of Han Solo or something. However in all of this there is one thing they must be true too. The fans. Disney have a chance to right a wrong (1,2,3). Anyway I hope everyone isn’t disappointed and the force lives on.