Game review…..because I can.

fallout 4

Greetings to all….

As well as a fantastic author (lol) I am a bit of a games freak. So I only thought it right i share a couple of findings.

So the month of November saw an explosion of games for all of the consoles, including PC.

But I am here to talk about Fallout 4.

Fallout 3 was without a doubt fantastic, but they have made it better. Graphics are outstanding, game play is easy (ish) and much more to keep you occupied.

This time around you play some poor sod who gets suckered into going into the fault for safety as the world is having some microwave problems. You and your family make it down into the vault and are immediately put on ice. Literally.

At some part of your sleep you wake to see some guy murder your wife and steal your kid (Revenge time anyone). So years later you break out of your Popsicle and go hunting.

Not much has changed. You still have your Pip-Boy Computer. There are still over sized insects, crabs and super mutants. All in all at first glance you think its just Fallout 3 in HD. But no.

You now have the ability to make buildings and settlements using raw materials around you. You find and help settlers and in turn they eventually help you.

This is a great game but like the others it can be repetitive. That said this world is massive and free running meaning your not funneled into going to places you don’t want too.

Bethesda Studios have taken the good things from the previous one and just made them better. But don’t be fooled the bad guy are no push overs and there are many ways to die horribly out there. If anything it has gotten harder in the realms of toughness.

That said, it can surprise you. One minute your kicking the hell out of a super mutant with nothing but a scratch then twenty seconds later your killed by a over sized horse fly.

So to the points then… It is at least a four and a half out of five. A great game, a massive game. Buy it, enjoy it. Prepare not to be seen for months possibly years.



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