War of the Worlds by H.G Wells

war of the worlds

In 1897 a brilliant author brought out a staggering new novel. A novel that he probably never knew would become one of the timeless classics.

War of the Worlds was not published until 1898 in hardback form, however it did appear in the Pearson’s Magazine of London and also in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Wells was a man born in the wrong time, his stories and predictions of the future are somewhat scarily accurate. Author of other works such as The Sleeper Awakes, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man to name just a few. This brilliant man had a story of Martians coming down to Earth to make it their own. A story that would later be read on the Radio and cause panic.

This story is set in southern Britain in a Victorian period. A time when the world was large and the means to fight was few. The main character in our story is a journalist for the local paper who is brought into this nightmare after an astronomer named “Ogilvy ” sees what appears to be green flares coming from Mars.

So we have seen the films, the old and the modern versions. However i found the book to be more frighting and mysterious. This was because the time period was by our standards primitive. Bolt action rifles and horse drawn field guns. But the one thing that stuck was even though they were invaded, not everyone knew about it. Our hero travels to London to find his Fiance Carrie. A long and arduous journey using bicycles or any means possible. However as he travels through remote villages they think him mad when he tells his tale.

Imagine a time with the only form of communication was by letter and the only form of information was the news paper. The story is brilliantly told and draws you in and keeps you there. If i could give stars for this it would be a solid twenty out of five stars.

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