The name is Bond …James Bond.

007     I remember as a small boy reading Dr. No. It was a small paper back I had gotten from a local news agents that had some going cheap books. Since then I have been a huge Bond fan so every time one comes onto the big screen it is a no brainer…got to go see it.

So as the new Bond film hit the big screens I was compelled to see it (Being a Bond fan who wouldn’t). I had seen the reviews and heard about one shocking report from a German critic, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Popcorn and a bucket of coke at the ready I waited with anticipation….The lights dimmed into darkness and the curtains were drawn. A sudden stream of light and a blare of music announced the beginning.

…….Now a point to make at this point is I am in a German cinema (or Kino). So this part may not happen to you. After Half an hour of everyone from Land Rover to Sony using the Bond theme to sell their goods. Not forgetting the aftershave. Yes 007 aftershave? The film started.

And so the film starts and first thing I notice is the opening sequence is not there. You know the barrel shot with Bond shooting .


                            Gone…not there? OK I say to myself. A little matter I suppose, but there you go I am picky.

       The low down of the film is simply this. The acting by all the cast (Especially dear Christopher Waltz who was excellent) great and delivered a fantastic performance. The camera work and stunts were as ever fantastic. (You feel a however coming on don’t you?) It is full of action from the beginning to the end. Car chases, buildings blowing up. The usual insurance man’s nightmare. But what it lacks is that Bond feeling, the old sort of Bond charisma.

       If for some reason you have lived in a bubble or simply not seen any of the earlier Bond films. However have only seen the new ones, it is a perfect addition to the set. Full of action, beautiful women, mega stunts. The works.

      However (Told you there was one) if like me you have lived, breathed and dreamed about them all you maybe disappointed. The makers have taken us back to the beginning of Bond. Before Dr. No and Goldfinger. Which at the start was a brilliant idea. Was a brilliant idea.

       The new films (especially this one) has taken it to a place it cannot come back from. These new films do not follow on to how Bond meets Dr. No of any of the earlier films because what they have done in these films. (Sorry no spoiler alerts, just watch it).

       This film for most will be a touch of déjà Vu. there will be scenes where you think  “I have seen this before”, chances are you would be right. It takes a lot from the original films and attempts to mash them together in a story that is probably longer than it needs to be.

     Now, that said I would not encourage anyone not to see it. I would never do that. However go with an open mind and just enjoy the thrills and spills only Bond can provide.

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