Game review…..because I can.

fallout 4

Greetings to all….

As well as a fantastic author (lol) I am a bit of a games freak. So I only thought it right i share a couple of findings.

So the month of November saw an explosion of games for all of the consoles, including PC.

But I am here to talk about Fallout 4.

Fallout 3 was without a doubt fantastic, but they have made it better. Graphics are outstanding, game play is easy (ish) and much more to keep you occupied.

This time around you play some poor sod who gets suckered into going into the fault for safety as the world is having some microwave problems. You and your family make it down into the vault and are immediately put on ice. Literally.

At some part of your sleep you wake to see some guy murder your wife and steal your kid (Revenge time anyone). So years later you break out of your Popsicle and go hunting.

Not much has changed. You still have your Pip-Boy Computer. There are still over sized insects, crabs and super mutants. All in all at first glance you think its just Fallout 3 in HD. But no.

You now have the ability to make buildings and settlements using raw materials around you. You find and help settlers and in turn they eventually help you.

This is a great game but like the others it can be repetitive. That said this world is massive and free running meaning your not funneled into going to places you don’t want too.

Bethesda Studios have taken the good things from the previous one and just made them better. But don’t be fooled the bad guy are no push overs and there are many ways to die horribly out there. If anything it has gotten harder in the realms of toughness.

That said, it can surprise you. One minute your kicking the hell out of a super mutant with nothing but a scratch then twenty seconds later your killed by a over sized horse fly.

So to the points then… It is at least a four and a half out of five. A great game, a massive game. Buy it, enjoy it. Prepare not to be seen for months possibly years.



Prayers for the victims……

Greetings all.

Just a short one today, but I felt necessary. I would like to add my sympathies to the families of those who were victims of the incidents in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

I would also like to commend the quick and professional actions taken by the Gatwick Airport staff. Their actions prevented another atrocity.

Unfortunately there are probably many more that have happened and we have not heard about. It is sad such things happen in the name of religion. In fact is, it’s beyond me how people could actually do this willingly to one another. As the season of good will approaches, and the time of miracles dawns I hope that one does come and we do have peace and good will to all men.

War of the Worlds by H.G Wells

war of the worlds

In 1897 a brilliant author brought out a staggering new novel. A novel that he probably never knew would become one of the timeless classics.

War of the Worlds was not published until 1898 in hardback form, however it did appear in the Pearson’s Magazine of London and also in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Wells was a man born in the wrong time, his stories and predictions of the future are somewhat scarily accurate. Author of other works such as The Sleeper Awakes, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man to name just a few. This brilliant man had a story of Martians coming down to Earth to make it their own. A story that would later be read on the Radio and cause panic.

This story is set in southern Britain in a Victorian period. A time when the world was large and the means to fight was few. The main character in our story is a journalist for the local paper who is brought into this nightmare after an astronomer named “Ogilvy ” sees what appears to be green flares coming from Mars.

So we have seen the films, the old and the modern versions. However i found the book to be more frighting and mysterious. This was because the time period was by our standards primitive. Bolt action rifles and horse drawn field guns. But the one thing that stuck was even though they were invaded, not everyone knew about it. Our hero travels to London to find his Fiance Carrie. A long and arduous journey using bicycles or any means possible. However as he travels through remote villages they think him mad when he tells his tale.

Imagine a time with the only form of communication was by letter and the only form of information was the news paper. The story is brilliantly told and draws you in and keeps you there. If i could give stars for this it would be a solid twenty out of five stars.

The name is Bond …James Bond.

007     I remember as a small boy reading Dr. No. It was a small paper back I had gotten from a local news agents that had some going cheap books. Since then I have been a huge Bond fan so every time one comes onto the big screen it is a no brainer…got to go see it.

So as the new Bond film hit the big screens I was compelled to see it (Being a Bond fan who wouldn’t). I had seen the reviews and heard about one shocking report from a German critic, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Popcorn and a bucket of coke at the ready I waited with anticipation….The lights dimmed into darkness and the curtains were drawn. A sudden stream of light and a blare of music announced the beginning.

…….Now a point to make at this point is I am in a German cinema (or Kino). So this part may not happen to you. After Half an hour of everyone from Land Rover to Sony using the Bond theme to sell their goods. Not forgetting the aftershave. Yes 007 aftershave? The film started.

And so the film starts and first thing I notice is the opening sequence is not there. You know the barrel shot with Bond shooting .


                            Gone…not there? OK I say to myself. A little matter I suppose, but there you go I am picky.

       The low down of the film is simply this. The acting by all the cast (Especially dear Christopher Waltz who was excellent) great and delivered a fantastic performance. The camera work and stunts were as ever fantastic. (You feel a however coming on don’t you?) It is full of action from the beginning to the end. Car chases, buildings blowing up. The usual insurance man’s nightmare. But what it lacks is that Bond feeling, the old sort of Bond charisma.

       If for some reason you have lived in a bubble or simply not seen any of the earlier Bond films. However have only seen the new ones, it is a perfect addition to the set. Full of action, beautiful women, mega stunts. The works.

      However (Told you there was one) if like me you have lived, breathed and dreamed about them all you maybe disappointed. The makers have taken us back to the beginning of Bond. Before Dr. No and Goldfinger. Which at the start was a brilliant idea. Was a brilliant idea.

       The new films (especially this one) has taken it to a place it cannot come back from. These new films do not follow on to how Bond meets Dr. No of any of the earlier films because what they have done in these films. (Sorry no spoiler alerts, just watch it).

       This film for most will be a touch of déjà Vu. there will be scenes where you think  “I have seen this before”, chances are you would be right. It takes a lot from the original films and attempts to mash them together in a story that is probably longer than it needs to be.

     Now, that said I would not encourage anyone not to see it. I would never do that. However go with an open mind and just enjoy the thrills and spills only Bond can provide.