What do you support?

Greetings to all.

minion ta

Well he we are again. A new week. Much has been going on in the news and internet. But one thing has stuck out, to me anyway. The amount of stars promoting things they believe in. I don’t mean clothing or toiletries, i mean causes.

Stephen Amell (or to us mere mortals, The Arrow) is promoting F Cancer. A worthy cause any one would agree. Daniel Craig is supporting the Anti Mine campaign. There are many more, like Angelina Jolie’ s never-ending working with the UN.

We see all this on TV or internet. We see people with buckets on the street collecting and we may give a bit of loose change. However what do you really support? Unfortunately for a lot of the population, nothing. Maybe it is because we are sick of seeing the needy people of the world. “If it isn’t happening to me it doesn’t matter.” is the largest thought and for most we have seen bad press about how much of our money actually goes to the ones who need it.

So if you read this and think it is to put you off giving, wrong. It is an intensive to make a stand and help. If it is for cancer, give money to a Hospice or hospital.or get in contact with Fxck cancer (www.facebook.com/FxckCancer). what ever it is go for it.


So everyone who does do something i thank you…and so do many more.

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