“You want fries with that?”

bacon    Hi all. So a study revealed that processed meats and some red meats can give you cancer. This is on one side a nice to know fact but lets review. Years ago they said too much milk is bad for you, then there was different sort of vegetables were bad for you. Types of bottled water was bad for you.

Now I am a big fan of getting rid of cancer (F*ck cancer.facebook.com), to that there is no doubt. However we spend (and I do mean we because the money has to come from somewhere) on researching things that will blow over and forgotten about instead of putting that money into cancer research for a cure or feeding the billions of starving people.

written on my cell phone……Xmas already.

Hi all. Well Monday already and nearly time for Halloween,Awesome .

So having some time off I decided to go to town (Celle) just to have a noisy at what was what. Nice sunny day, lots of families. Nice. And Xmas decorations going up in the shops for people to buy?

OK, Christmas is close but come on. I remember when nothing went up until last minute. But that seems to be the thing now a days. The build up is so long people are bored by the time it gets here.

Some moaning a side I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Halloween. Enjoy. Wwwwwhhhaaaa

Angry as hell.

jasonHi all. No this isn’t a “Get ready for Halloween” thing. This is I am mad as hell thing.

Recently it was brought to my notice some one had sent me a reply to a blog which was all very nice. However once you clicked onto the picture it showed such vulgar scenes I wont describe.

Now I love it when people send me replies etc. however if you have some sick compulsions and things on your site I am afraid you are not welcome.

I screen my Facebook friend acceptances. One rule no Bio, no deal.

To that end I must apologize to anyone who has seen these images and I hope you do not think I consort or condone anyone with such tastes.

I would like to thank all those people who do read my blog and support me. You are awesome and it is appreciated.

Until next time, keep smiling.

What do you support?

Greetings to all.

minion ta

Well he we are again. A new week. Much has been going on in the news and internet. But one thing has stuck out, to me anyway. The amount of stars promoting things they believe in. I don’t mean clothing or toiletries, i mean causes.

Stephen Amell (or to us mere mortals, The Arrow) is promoting F Cancer. A worthy cause any one would agree. Daniel Craig is supporting the Anti Mine campaign. There are many more, like Angelina Jolie’ s never-ending working with the UN.

We see all this on TV or internet. We see people with buckets on the street collecting and we may give a bit of loose change. However what do you really support? Unfortunately for a lot of the population, nothing. Maybe it is because we are sick of seeing the needy people of the world. “If it isn’t happening to me it doesn’t matter.” is the largest thought and for most we have seen bad press about how much of our money actually goes to the ones who need it.

So if you read this and think it is to put you off giving, wrong. It is an intensive to make a stand and help. If it is for cancer, give money to a Hospice or hospital.or get in contact with Fxck cancer (www.facebook.com/FxckCancer). what ever it is go for it.


So everyone who does do something i thank you…and so do many more.

Something to think about……

Hi all. Well it’s Monday and the weekend is over. But that is not why i am in a mood. There are many things that get under my skin, Movie critiques that slate great films and actors and of course TV networks that cut great shows.

On looking on the internet to find when the show FOREVER would return, i found it had been cancelled. (It’s Firefly all over again). The networks give us brilliant shows and then cut them, but do they get rid of the sucky ones…no.

However what they do do is get a film and make a TV show from it hoping it will take off. True it worked for MASH and some may argue about Highlander. Why is it they get us going with a great story then just as your getting into it…gone. I would hate to see what they do for Christmas.

Of course it is all about money and ratings bla bla bla. But sometimes they never give anything a chance to get off the ground. There are some great shows out there that i hope will stay (and yes i am not stupid enough to mention them after i have said all this ), shows that have life and soul. But there are others that make you think WHY IS THIS STILL ON?

So please network people, listen to the public and not somebody who has the ratings graph upside down.