Going to Malta….got to try this.


Hi all. ever been to Malta? if not then it is a must. Fantastic island with really nice people. But this isn’t just about the island this is about a tour we went on. A very nice chap called Malcolm Ellul runs a thing called THE MALTA FILM TOURS. (this can be booked through VIATOR.COM)


That’s the man him self explaining about a film shoot.

Anywho. This was a fantastic tour which showed you where such films as WWZ, Games of Thrones and other such productions had been filmed. The tour is around 10 hours but don’t let that fool you time goes quickly. The weather was hot but not so much it was unbearable.(points to note bring plenty of water, the island has around 100% humidity.) at mid day we broke for lunch (this you have to get yourselves as it is not included.)

Malcolm is a great bloke and has an extensive knowledge of the films due to the fact he has been apart of all of them, one way or the other. His humor and his announcements, “On that very spot Brad Pitt stood in WWZ, before being chased down there by flesh eaters.” made the the foot slogging (which there is, but then you can’t see everything from a bus can you?) bearable.


Ever wondered how much CGI was used on Games of Thrones? possibly not, but he has all the facts.

So if if you’re looking for a great holiday (Malta) and something to do (movie tour). No brainer really.

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