written on my cell phone….Authors,Agents and novels.

We burn the midnight oil whilst captivated by a great book. But do you give any thought to the newbie writer who has captured your interest. Probably not. It maybe only a one off or you want to read more of their works. If so, fantastic. New or veteran writers who take the selfi path do so knowing the hard work it takes to get you to notice them in the first place. As an author myself I know of the struggle, and it is. We all(or most) do hope for that agent to say “Sign here” . The chance of getting published around the world in different languages. Joy. Now the reader has literally thousands of books to chose from and if an author can get a following. Brilliant. Now Amazon, is a cheep way of getting out there but you have to do the work and for us that’s money. Granted people don’t mind a good book most want a cheap or free, and hey that’s ok who doesn’t. But think of the author. Between proofreaders, artists and editors it can cost the author up to a thousand bucks. Now don’t get me wrong that is our choice, but just give a little thought next time you think a book should be cheaper or free. On the same note we should be more appropriative of all who do get our works and I am. So a great big thankyou to all. We will keep writing if you keep reading.

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