Going to Malta….got to try this.


Hi all. ever been to Malta? if not then it is a must. Fantastic island with really nice people. But this isn’t just about the island this is about a tour we went on. A very nice chap called Malcolm Ellul runs a thing called THE MALTA FILM TOURS. (this can be booked through VIATOR.COM)


That’s the man him self explaining about a film shoot.

Anywho. This was a fantastic tour which showed you where such films as WWZ, Games of Thrones and other such productions had been filmed. The tour is around 10 hours but don’t let that fool you time goes quickly. The weather was hot but not so much it was unbearable.(points to note bring plenty of water, the island has around 100% humidity.) at mid day we broke for lunch (this you have to get yourselves as it is not included.)

Malcolm is a great bloke and has an extensive knowledge of the films due to the fact he has been apart of all of them, one way or the other. His humor and his announcements, “On that very spot Brad Pitt stood in WWZ, before being chased down there by flesh eaters.” made the the foot slogging (which there is, but then you can’t see everything from a bus can you?) bearable.


Ever wondered how much CGI was used on Games of Thrones? possibly not, but he has all the facts.

So if if you’re looking for a great holiday (Malta) and something to do (movie tour). No brainer really.

written on my cell phone ……stop it.

Okay it’s a short title granted but still. TodayS little topic….getting pets from abroad.

So little Susie says to daddy I want a puppy. Great. So daddy finds on the Internet some guy who deals in nice doggies. Trouble is nice doggie comes from Rumania or some other place. No chip, no nothing.

Hello people!!!! Go to a local shelter. There are plenty of poor animals there that want homes. And you know what your getting

The thing is these animals you get from abroad aRe bread specially for sale. Ripped from their mother at birth.

Dont support this cruelty . Go to a shelter people. You know it makes sense

written on my cell phone….less we forget.

Hi all. With Friday approaching I thought I would do a quick blog. Now I recent times we have heard so much about refugees, fires , plane crashes ect. And sure they are things of concern. However want we seem to have forgotten or let slip to the wayside is on our own doorstep’s.  I speak of course about child cruelty and abuses of women.

We seem cought up in what the news reveals and forget what was important five minutes ago. Children and abused women need help. So don’t turn a blind eye.

Be good to one another. Help where you can.

written on my cell phone….more books for kids.

When I was young (yes I was) I spent more time writing than reading. However what I did read I found inspirational. Treasure Island, Hobbit , just to name a few. Comics were also a big part. But now a days the kids seem to rely more on games consoles for entertainment.  We need more books in schools for the children to get into. Start them at a young age. Books are and always will be a great source of inspiration and information so go on get them kids a brilliant book and get their imaginationsite thumping

written from my cell phone ….Do we know who they are?

As the thousands of fleeing migrants cross borders into Europe, Have we stopped to think who are they really. Now people running from war and acts of terrorism I can understand we all can. However as the people of Troy learnt things are not always as they seem. Are there sleepers in the groups? In these times of people who will do anything to achieve their aims, should we start being a lot more cautious. I wish all the migrants well, I hope they find peace and a good life for their families. But they should not forget where ever they land that that is then their country. That is where their loyalty lies.

written on my cell phone….Authors,Agents and novels.

We burn the midnight oil whilst captivated by a great book. But do you give any thought to the newbie writer who has captured your interest. Probably not. It maybe only a one off or you want to read more of their works. If so, fantastic. New or veteran writers who take the selfi path do so knowing the hard work it takes to get you to notice them in the first place. As an author myself I know of the struggle, and it is. We all(or most) do hope for that agent to say “Sign here” . The chance of getting published around the world in different languages. Joy. Now the reader has literally thousands of books to chose from and if an author can get a following. Brilliant. Now Amazon, is a cheep way of getting out there but you have to do the work and for us that’s money. Granted people don’t mind a good book most want a cheap or free, and hey that’s ok who doesn’t. But think of the author. Between proofreaders, artists and editors it can cost the author up to a thousand bucks. Now don’t get me wrong that is our choice, but just give a little thought next time you think a book should be cheaper or free. On the same note we should be more appropriative of all who do get our works and I am. So a great big thankyou to all. We will keep writing if you keep reading.