Written on my cell phone….Doing the right thing.

Hi all. In highlight of the resent incident in France I had a thought. Who would do such a thing? Now the people involved were military so that goes without saying. But who else would. People get attacked in subways, alleyways and other public places, but on looker turn a blind eye. For their own safety or it is too much bother. Others help and get attacked themselves. However tackling an armed man! Most would consider that brave or stupid. All we have to think about in those brief seconds is survival. Instinct kicks in and that could be the difference between an on looker or a hero.

written from my cell phone….Reviews.

Greetings to all. The weekend is over and a new week has started. A new week with new possibilities as I always say. I would like to start by saying thankyou to everyone who has bought or downloaded my books. Your support is overwhelming. To that end I would like to ask you all for your opinions or reviews. What you liked or hated. On here or on the Amazon review slots for the books. Your comment’s are important.

From my handy……Mission Impossible.

So just got back from watching the new Mission Impossible film. The usual faces make a come back for this rollercoaster rider of a movie. From start (and I do mean start) to finish action. Mr.Cruise insisted on doing as many of his own stunts in this which you can tell everyone involved had a ball. Now most follow up films in a series tend to get lame, but not this. The humour is back thanks to Simon Pegg. All in all a fantastic film with a five out of five thumbs up.