Films and Books…what do we really want from them?

                   film realThe time of the movie theater sadly grows short. With large screen televisions and high Definition people are saying why bother. However the feel you get from sitting in a cramped space eating pop corn and a bucket of coke (or whatever is your want) is second to none. The blinding light from the massive screen is thrilling and with the power of 3D is awe-inspiring.

That said the feeling we get is only as good as the film itself. There is no point in having the best seat in the house if the film sucks. The same can be said for books. You sit down, the lights low. A nice glass of red and a good book (or so you think).

We rely on film makers and writers to produce the best that they can in order for us to say “Yes i want more of that.” Unfortunately some film makers put films out there that are quiet bad just for the sake of  the first movie was good so let’s make another. The same can be said for authors, some (not all) put stuff out there because they have too.

At the end of the day everyone is different and some do like the movie or the book that everyone else says “WTF was that?” And god bless those people. As an author i write something then let others read it to get their view, some say that is wrong but hey the people know, right?

However the question remains “What do we want from film or books?” What is it that keeps us turning the page or buying the Blu-ray. Action, adventure, some poor bastard stuck in a hotel with a bunch of crazies? Again everyone is different but there is always the magic combination that comes up once in a while that suits all.

So as you look at the back cover of the book or read the write-up on the film just ask yourself, what makes it the right thing for you?

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