Big Brother Kindle.

Today I read something disturbing. Kindles’ idea to only pay authors for the pages read. Sure this means that authors have to push out great stories instead of Tha “Yeh whatever” novel.

My concern is more how much data kindle is actually getting. Now I refused to get an Xbox one because of its whole big brother”I can see what you’re doing” thing via the camera. But I didn’t expect kindle to do the same.

The other problem with this is most people are slow readers, they take their time with the novels due to being busy or just that’s the way they read. The question is what is next trick that Amazon will pull out of the bag, they have already had a battle with a major publishing house over costs.

I hope that this move will not discourage authors from following their dreams of getting published. I myself use this system as a way to get published while I wait for that big break, the cost we incur just getting the books out are large so every sale is like a pat on the back. However more cuts will eventually make good story tellers from going for it because it simply will not be worth it.

So at the end of it all it is down to not the reader or the writer nut to Amazon not to do it. But this comes out next month so Writers, let’s get some awesome stories out there.

Writings’ on the wall.

book shelf

So we write great works of fiction and put it out there for the world to enjoy. We take time and effort to give the best that we can. But the hardest part is to keep people interested in our work. Admittedly as writers we have a hard job to do because everyone else is doing the same. In the beginning our books come out and there is great interest, but as time goes on the sales dwindle. Now this is not a problem because undoubtedly there is another book due to come out…or is there. For writers the sight of sales flat lining is devastated. But we have to be strong, for we are not just writing for ourselves we are writing for the ones who really love our work.

operation unity for free.

As time grows closer to the launch of book 3 of the John Steel series, I feel it only right to give people a taste of my mystery thriller series.

to that end starting today if you go on to kindle you will find it is free for a limited time. I could go on about how good it is but why not find out for yourself. Go on treat yourself to a rollercoaster rider of a story.ebook