The John Steel series.


In October 2014 a new type of mystery thriller came to the Amazon listings. Rise of a Phoenix is my debut novel of the John Steel series. “Who is he ?” You ask.

John Steel is the son of Lord Thomas and Lady Helen Steel. Who was not only Lord of the Manor but also head of Steel industries, a multi billion pound company.

Whilst at a garden party Lord was giving to calibrate John’s home-coming from a tour of the gulf, the party was invaded by masked mercenaries who cut down all they could find.

John gets home just in time to save many people but too late to save his family, including his dear wife.John is seriously wounded to the point of near death, however his Japanese gardener brought him back from the jaws of death.

Now he searches for clues to the people who killed his family, his only lead is a name SANTINI. As his travels take him to New York he teams up with an intelligent, sexy detective called Samantha McCall.

Their first encounter she only knows him as a shadowy figure in the night but he soon reveals himself as a detective and is brought on board to help catch a mad man who is killing women.

Steel is tall with rugged good looks-which he refuses to see himself. He has served with both the British special forces then went into hiding  by joining the American Navy SEALs with the help of his father in Law who is a Senator.


Steel and McCall return in a new investigation in Operation:UNITY.

This is a fast paced ride with two stories in two locations which starts with the death of an electrician. McCall and her team pick up several cases of suicides, mugging gone wrong. for the team nothing out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile Steel is back in Britain following up a lead to his families killer, this leads him onto a cruise ship which is bound for New York. Both Steel and McCall soon realize there is more to their investigations. As the bodies start dropping it becomes clear, this could be the last investigation for one of them.

Rise of a Phoenix and Operation:UNITY both available on amazon for paperback of kindle.

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