Why do they say it is when it aint so.

                                                              MORNING OR EVENING TOO ALL.

As the weekend approaches and in between me rushing to the bathroom (D&V is such a wonderful thing) i thought i would throw up a quick blog.

One day at work, my colleague and i were having an in-depth conversation (night shift at stupid o’clock in the morning i believe) on how we are ripped off by companies.

How do yo ask? well consider this. You go to a shop and you want, lets say a HDD. You see one and it says on the package 1Tb, or one terabyte. “OK” you say jumping with joy, but is it really or is it only 9985 or even less?

Or you get a car that states it’s a two liter  when really it is a 1.8. Sure they round things off, because they have too or just to make things look better?

I am sure if you walked into a restaurant and asked for two eggs on toast and they brought you one and a half you would kick up a fuss, i mean who wouldn’t. My point is put on the package what is there, even if it states that there is only x-amount in small writing or something. Sure i can appreciate it doesn’t look appealing when you see “This is a 99985 GB HDD” instead of 1TB.

So next time your our spending you hard-earned  cash ask yourself, what is it really?

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