Get a good book….


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Libraries, bookstores, kindle. So many places to find books but how do we find the right one? Most of us go for what we know may it be someone we have always read or that we have heard the name of through advertising and so forth. However what we do forget is those how are self published or Amazon writers hoping to get that set up.

“To write a book is easy, to sell it is hard” someone once said, and it is true. We pour our imaginations out on to the pages so people can enjoy our stories but how will they ever find them in a sea of new books?

We must get ourselves noticed, create a ripple if you will. All it takes is for a small group to like your work and then the tongues start wagging…in theory. Getting our books out there is hard but hey look at the track record. J.K with Harry P and Lee Child with good old Jack Reacher.

We all have a starting point and we have to stick with it, one day will be our day. So back to the question where do i find a good book? Answer…..everywhere.

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