The future of cinema…….

kino 2

Okay so the other day Disney announced it wants 53 percent of all cinema charges. This is a long battle between the German cinema owners and Disney due to translation dispute, due to computers can translate better?  So in a bid to show the nasty greedy blighters they have refused to show any Disney films including the new Avengers film. WWWHHHAATT.

Now i love the cinema, it’s a great institution, and i am a great believer in supporting the movie industry (hens the hundreds of blu-rays i have got.) However i find it disgusting when one of the largest movie producers want more money. This will have a massive effect on cinema ticket sales as it is expensive as it is.

I am sure Walt Disney is turning in his grave at his company’s decision. He did what he did to bring fun and laughter to all not to rip them off.


Cinema is already in danger due to large Television sets and illegal downloads, Yes the movie word requires income so it can make more films that is a given but when a company such as them who own some of the most famous franchises it makes you wonder why they are doing this. It is curious that this should happen just as the new Avengers film comes out, and makes you wonder what will happen when the new Star Wars arrives, what then 60 percent?

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