Get a good book….


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Libraries, bookstores, kindle. So many places to find books but how do we find the right one? Most of us go for what we know may it be someone we have always read or that we have heard the name of through advertising and so forth. However what we do forget is those how are self published or Amazon writers hoping to get that set up.

“To write a book is easy, to sell it is hard” someone once said, and it is true. We pour our imaginations out on to the pages so people can enjoy our stories but how will they ever find them in a sea of new books?

We must get ourselves noticed, create a ripple if you will. All it takes is for a small group to like your work and then the tongues start wagging…in theory. Getting our books out there is hard but hey look at the track record. J.K with Harry P and Lee Child with good old Jack Reacher.

We all have a starting point and we have to stick with it, one day will be our day. So back to the question where do i find a good book? Answer…..everywhere.

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please explain…..

Baltimore burns, hundreds of people fill the streets and burn their city……why? I can understand people’s frustration with an innocent man been killed, but what I don’t get is why burn and rob stores of people who are struggling to make a living. These protesters go out in force to make a point about one innocent being hurt but they are destroying the lives of hundreds. I am sure the family of the man really feel better watching their city burn because of these “protesters”. Thoughts and prayers go to the man’s family but destroying a city is not the answer.

The future of cinema…….

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Okay so the other day Disney announced it wants 53 percent of all cinema charges. This is a long battle between the German cinema owners and Disney due to translation dispute, due to computers can translate better?  So in a bid to show the nasty greedy blighters they have refused to show any Disney films including the new Avengers film. WWWHHHAATT.

Now i love the cinema, it’s a great institution, and i am a great believer in supporting the movie industry (hens the hundreds of blu-rays i have got.) However i find it disgusting when one of the largest movie producers want more money. This will have a massive effect on cinema ticket sales as it is expensive as it is.

I am sure Walt Disney is turning in his grave at his company’s decision. He did what he did to bring fun and laughter to all not to rip them off.


Cinema is already in danger due to large Television sets and illegal downloads, Yes the movie word requires income so it can make more films that is a given but when a company such as them who own some of the most famous franchises it makes you wonder why they are doing this. It is curious that this should happen just as the new Avengers film comes out, and makes you wonder what will happen when the new Star Wars arrives, what then 60 percent?

Summers comin so get them books out.

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This is for all ye writers out there.

Okay so summer is on the way, Brilliant, sun ice cream, days at the beach or a park. What could be better?sure it is only spring but that is my point it is only spring…..

Indeed, what could be better for the writers out there. Most people lay about doing nothing but read whilst basking like seals. For the writers amongst us this should be the best time of year, but is it? If you think that there are thousands of authors out there who want their books in someone’s hand it looks pretty bleak.

However all you need to be is one of those lucky few, it is true the odds are against us but what a challenge.

So get your stories out there people, fingers at the ready and get those imaginations flowing…Happy Summer.

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