On the weekend after settling down to brunch (full English at lunch time) i put on Interstellar.

Now for all those who have no idea what i am talking about, this is a Sci fi movie with a …..well yes its been done before but this is different.

Okay cliff notes on the movie. The Earth is dying and a group of scientists have found a possible way of getting the people of Earth of the planet, all they need to do is find the right one. see simple.

The acting  performances by Micheal Caine, Anne Hathaway were fantastic and a spectacular performance from Matthew McConaughey. The effects were outstanding and so was the camera work.

The direction from Chris Nolan was as ever spot on.

Got your appetites going yet? Gooood.

The start of the film is slow but enough to let you know what’s happening, little tit bits that get you interested, then it starts to get to the gritty stuff, OK still interested….hungry for more?

To summarize, this was more confusing than 2001 Space Odyssey. it leaves you with your brain pouring out of your ears and leaving you shouting what the f…….??????

Now not being one to say never go and see a film, all i will say it find someone who has it and then try it. if you like it then you belong on the Big Bang Theory.

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