I know this is late but hey that’s life.

Okay, so the 5th March saw World Book day, an international time to celebrate books. Brilliant idea we all scream in the literary world. However like most great things some people only take notice one day a year, (veterans day, mothers day…you get the idea).

                                          B_UxyOvXEAAEPpp.jpg large

I was asked to go to a library and give a talk on my books and the life of an Author (excuse men while i change my shorts), There was a good turn out for the small place and it was informative for both parties. but what got me was how many people until that day never knew where the library was!

Books are important to not just for us but for future generations, it is our history, knowledge and brilliant works of fiction(and yes i am talking about that we hope our children’s children will be reading.


So encourage your children to read and if they appear to have a love for writing do all you can to help them on their journey of inspiration.  More can be had from the inside of pages than it can from a games console.

Go on go to a book shop or library and get a book out and enjoy your self, you maybe surprised.

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