Lenard Nimoy dies at 83

                                                                             spock 1

Since mid 1960’s the immortal words “Live long and prosper” has been iconic, whether you grew up with the original Star Trek or not. For everyone knew Spock, the emotionless, logical second in command of the USS Enterprise.

A few days ago Lenard Nimoy was taken to hospital due to respiratory problems due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Today his wife Susan Bay Nimoy confirmed his passing at their Los Angeles home.

Our hearts and prayers go to the Nimoy family and also to the cast of star trek who knew him so well, he shall be missed but never forgotten.

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The Oacar went too….

I have just seen the list for the Oscar winners (congrats to all) but on looking at the films nominated I couldn’t help but think…where are the other films. The Hobbit for instance ! And how the imagination game didn’t win is beyond me. Anywho to be nominated is also a big honour. Well done to all and carry on bringing us joy at the cinema’s

Operation:UNITY is here so strap in.


The long-awaited second book of the John Steel series is here. Operation:UNITY sees Detective Samantha McCall and her team with their own cases of accidental death, mugging gone wrong and suicides. What appears to be every day events soon turn out to be more, they must find out if they are connected or just random.

Far across the Ocean in Great Britain Detective John Steel prepares to return to New York after following a lead to his families killers, the investigation only brings him too another piece of information, a note in an email and a simple name, “Neptune.” Steel follows the clues and finds himself on a cruise liner back to the States and possibly the most dangerous assignment yet.

Operation:UNITY available at Amazon for Paperback or Kindle