American Sniper.

The other day I saw American Sniper . This I thought this to be a brilliantly made film with a heart felt story. Now many people have slagged it off as it glorifies snipers? I know plenty of snipers and the work they do is massively important. The film shows the stress a soldier goes through during war and the problems adjusting with coming home.

operation:UNITY…Rise of a phoenix 2

Operation:UNITY sees the return of Detectives John Steel and Samantha McCall. This time McCall and her team investigate what appears to be some accidents and a suicide while Steel is back in Britain. As they investigate they find there are more to the deaths.

meanwhile Steel follows a lead that takes him on to a cruise ship and possibly his most dangerous trip yet.

Operation:UNITY is fast paced mystery with enough action to keep you glued. Once again they have found….

Nothing is as it seems.

2015 …what will it bring?


So we are part the way through January already (scarey) but already we have signs of what we will have to come in the year. On the Movie scene Liam Neeson is braking it big with Taken 3 and Star Wars fans await the new films with anticipation. Marvel and DC comics will be smashing ahead with their superhero films, Avengers 2, Antman, Batman vs Superman to name but a few so movie wise will be a biggie.

However on the other side we can not help but wonder about these extremists that have started plaguing us already. But we should not let them ruin what can be a great year, year of change for most, marriage, a new child, new yob. what ever we should embrace this year with a smile…and if your up for a good read my new book comes out next month.

Operation :UNITY.

Happy New Year all

                                      happy new year

Well here it is 2015. Last year was a life changer for most of us (myself included) but if we can look back and be proud of what we have done then that is something worth while. I wish everyone good health and happiness, may all your dreams come true.