Christmas is coming

Well the season is almost upon us for giving out gifts and men watching the kids unwrap presents whilst mom slaves in the kitchen. For me personally this year went a little too quick for my liking but that said a lot has happened.

I released my first book “Rise of a Phoenix” (and yes i am plugging it) built a website (this one) and other less happy occasions have come to pass. But in that blink of an eye year much has happened to us all, personally or just what we have seen.

But what we do next year could be just as important, people getting married or planning a family. There will be many things that people can look forwards too with a smile. Who knows what tomorrow brings, well nobody does but we can only plan for it, i myself have book two coming out “Operation Unity” (yes another plug) but if we don’t have dreams how can we move forwards with hope and a smile.

So, even if it’s a little thing, a holiday or just doing something you want to do, make that plan so when it does happen you can have that “yes i did that ” feeling. Make room for yourself once in a while.

Christmas approaches

Well it is nearly here. the time for peace on earth for all mankind. But as we gather our gifts and prepare to decorate our homes with enough lights to refit Vegas we should remember what it stands for. If you ask most people they would say to get that bike Santa never brought them as a child. Have we really forgotten the meaning behind this season?

Ok just so you don’t suddenly turn off let me just say I AM NOT SPREADING THE WORD. so with that done we shall proceed. the idea of Christmas is about the birth of Christ (its in the name..Christ..mas). Anywho the thing is the whole giving part, giving to those who have not got…that’s where Saint Nicolas comes in, a priest in the third century who spread the word of give to those less fortunate.

When i served in Bosnia in the 90’s i saw people with nothing who would offer what they could to guests, so why should those with so much not help out.

So this Christmas think of those kids who have nothing and spread a little love, you might only get a smile back but that should be enough.