The banes of being a working writer.


Many writers started off doing other things, Charles Dickens had a job and so did a great many others. Now this (as i have discovered) can be a bit of a pain, sure its great to have the money to use on your novel but what you don’t have is the time to do the very thing in which you and funding.

Do not get me wrong if you want something you will get it, i work 12 hour shifts and i write when i can, my first book took around 5 months to finish and my second a bit longer as it is a larger book.

Now a days a new writer has to get his/ her face out there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..etc. and if you way up how many hours are spent tweeting and blogging you wonder if there is time to write. Answer. You make the time, divide it up, do what you can when you can. if the book takes a year it takes a year.

There is lots of book on advice , and they are great . however it is only you that can do the work.

So the next time you huff and puff about how you cant get things done , just think “Are you doing too much too soon?”

Farewell to the season of witches…and now.

The night of Ghouls and goblins, witches and generally kids running round hounding strangers for candy. However we say farewell once more to the excuse for adults to dress up and legally act stupid. Now comes the big one Christmas and who doesn’t love it. Presents, good food and great company. but we must not forget those who wont have a great Christmas. Service men and women, the homeless, cops on the beat, nurses and doctors..the list goes on. So give a thought when you don’t get that gift you wanted. Be of good cheer.