A Museum is not about the past its about past lives.

Sorry i have not graced you all with my typing errors and ban-ta. Today i was going to talk about something different, but then i received a Facebook message from a friend who runs a Museum in a place called Fallingbostel in north Germany.  Now the work he does is not to show shiny tanks and guns(even though there are some) but he shows things as they should be shown. A Museum should be about how people lived and died in adverse conditions and if it can bring closure then that is a another wonder of these wonderful places.

Using the link above please watch this amazing tale of one girls search for her grandfather who went missing during the war, this just shows the amazing work that  Kevin Greenhalgh and his team do.

below is a link to his facebook page.

Please support him and his team by just looking at the sight and if your ever in Germany just pop in.


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3 thoughts on “A Museum is not about the past its about past lives.

    • Its a pleasure to meet someone new, sorry it has taken so long to respond but life tends to get in the way( how dare it). i wish you well and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello there Marian,
      I hope you are well, sorry it has taken so long for me to send anything but life gets in the way sometimes. I cannot wait to see what you have to say in future posts.
      Best wishes.

      P S Syron-Jones

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