The dead and the Dying….man flu.

For all those who have missed my little twitterings, i have had one of the worst bugs. The man flu.

Anywho that aside, whilst laid up caughing things up that should have their own government i pondered about may things. We as writers hold a responsabilaty to our readers this is true. They after all keep us going, not just in been kind enough to pay us but in suport.

But as writers we also support each other, now as i tryed to look at twitter ( through many different styles of blurred vision) i could not help but notice the majoraty of people who retweet you back and stick around are other writters. ( Not all so calm yourselves.)

Which in effect proves my point of family, authors, writers, agents, editors, script writers. we are all under the same family and i feel humble to be apart of something such as that.

The fans we have (ok me not so much as of yet…) are awesome and we should never forget that, these are the ones who stand by us no matter what. Now on this sight i have several people who sit quietly and follow this page and to them i say thankyou.

So as the day draws to a midday i would like to wish all a fantastic weekend. be safe and remember there are awesome books to be written and read.

minion ta

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