The Equalizer…. but no Jaguar in sight.


So last night my good lady and myself ventured to the local cinema to catch the latest flick. The Equalizer.

Now to start with for all you fans of the original series with the excellent Edward Woodward, turn your brains off. apart from the man’s name this is a different fish. This is more an homage than a remake, so with that in mind lets begin.

Firstly, brilliantly made. it has all the qualities. Great story, action a bit of the heart string thing going as well. brilliant.

You have characters you can route for as well as others you can’t wait for the sticky end. Bad points? well that’s really down to the individual i suppose. it starts off slow but it is well paced, it lets you ease into the story and not just bam.

As an all-rounder film (for both boys and girls) it works, my good lady said that she enjoyed it as did i.

Is it a “One for the collection?” Well, yes. its up there with Jack Reacher and Taken and may other sunday lazy day films.

Ok to end this little ditty marks out of ten on personal vote it would be a 8.5-9.0/ 10.

It is well made as i said and the acting is excellent, camera work is captivating. Go, watch it for yourselves you wont be disappointed. but for the fans of the original, keep an open mind.

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