Its nearly here.

After a long battle (only with work and the Playstation) book one of my series is about to hit the Amazon shelves.

Now i am no longer just an author i am a PUBLISHED one, (let fly the balloons). unfortunately that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. You see “Yes the book is out there” but now i have to move my butt and write more, oh the hell of it all.


“What does the future bring and have i really thought it through?” well yes and no really.

For someone to sit down and type out over 98 thousand words is well madness most would say but that first one has a great feeling to it, it’s that moment of “Yes i have done that”. I wouldn’t dare put it up there with climbing Everest or trekking to the Pole, however for the normal Joe that is something that will be remembered for ever. “I DID THAT AND IT WAS AWESOME”. To the point of starting a series.

So if one day your flicking through Amazon and happen across my book please, spare a thought and who knows you may even like it.

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