Knives and candles at the ready…

As the nights draw in and the wind starts to get colder one thing is certain…winter is coming.

But before you start to grab your sledges from garages or where ever they have been stowed let us not forget one special day and the point(Yes there is a point) to this blog. Halloween ( or all hallows eve) has been ….well, Celebrated since the early times as a celtic harvest festival, or festival of the dead. This has been turned into what we all know now as an excuse to dress up in costumes and terrorise people in their homes for goodies. Fun hu.

Any way the biggest, most popular icon related the season of witches is the pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern. This ghoulish facial figure has be carved from anything from the normal eyes and sharp teeth to the well, creative.pumkin1            pumkin4  pumkin3      pumkin2

these where brought to you by the awesome group called

Check out their web sight.

Happy Halloween everyone……….next month.

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