Oh what a day.

As the gentle sound of my wife rising filled my ears i knew then another day had dawned. Today is my weekend, saturdays and sundays mean little to me anymore, my weekends are the days i have off. I get up and we share our good mornings, the sun has not yet peared over the horizon only a blue/ grey discolouration in the darkned sky.

Days before i had set my routeen which is simple enough, get up early and have breakfast whilst watching my favourite cop series. after taking a shower i would then set my self to task on my computer, the aim, to write as many pages as possible before my body cried out for more coffee.

We all have agenders, thinks we put off until we have that special time.However for a writer really there is NO special time it is when ever something pops in we have to be ready. Today was productive but not too well in the writting part(to which i am about to remady). set your goals and make sure you do them or you will be thinking “Oh i wish i had” and the chances are you will wish you had.

comp sleep

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