Lost without tech.

A couple of weeks ago i proudly bought myself a new cell phone (or handy), i drewled as i opened the box and stared as the light caught on it’s glass that shone with newness.

To my dismay i found it took the nano sim so hurriedly went to my local ^%&&^& shop and ordered a nano sim. Days passed and there it was, my new sim card for my new phone.

Switched on, lights flickered and it was alive. proud as punch i went off to work the next day only to find out there was something wrong, i had no internet, nothing. After trying to figure it out i finally gave up hope and sort council.

This unfortunatly did’nt help either. So four days with a state of the art piece of glass and metal and nothing to show for it appart from a sour throat from all the shouting.

“To the point” i hear you ask, well the point or rather concern is…are we so caught up on or gadgets and phones that we can no longer function?

As a new writer i have to blog, tweet and FB, pretty anything to get out there, so to suddenly have nothing, no means of speaking to the world suddenly became a HORROR.

This however got me thinking, everywhere someone is on some sort of device. It is an addiction, we want to know stuff. Unfortunatly the stuff most of us want to hear about is……well lets face it ,crap.

We have become a people who needs technology and there is no way of getting around it. So while i wait for the next expert to come along i am stuck with tweeting only where there is WIFI or blogging at home.

Can we amagine a world with out toys…….


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