Oh just write something already…..

   It is early in the morning and the writer gets out of their warm, comfortable bed. The night before was a marathon on the keyboard, page after page just flowed, It was a good day. But now even after probably too many coffees the writer just sits infront of the screen and stares blanky at the white background….there is nothing.

    How many of us have had that moment when your imagination is taking a coffee break. The worst thing at been a writer is we rely on our imaginations and when that well is dry what do we do then. Last night as i sat at work during my night shift i was raedy, pen and notebook at the ready, I had already marked up how many pages i wanted to get done. But nothing came.

    Even in that moment of “aaaahhhhh” i still managed to write something down, most of which might be edited (big time) but still i got something down. If you are stuck and there is no way of going to that special cafe or wherever is your writing place, just write something, anything, as someone once said “something is better than nothing.”




                       writer fr.



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