To blog or not to Blog……

    Every day someone puts something on a blog, but how important is it? Is this information or just someone wanting to be heard?  Some are pages long that could put the Bible to shame and others are just a few sentence with lots of pictures.

   As writers we have to be out there where ever we can so future buyers of our books will say “Oh, hey. I have read his blog.” We have to be seen every where and blogging is a good way of ….well, been out there. we have to sell ourselves in order to sell our work.

   But do we have to blog all of the time?  some are on facebook, Twitter or any other media for that matter every minute of the day trying to keep themselves out there. But If we are doing that, we are not writing!

To blog or not to blog….well is that the real question? maybe it should be “Have i time to blog or not to blog.”


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